I told you so

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. I warned you right here weeks ago that my informal poll of blogging dix told me that the short trade was not only crowded but knee jerk and probably dead wrong.

    I was dead right. As usual.

    My next call is ............. ... ... ....

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  2. Enjoying my latest squeeze?

    In case you missed it, this very detailed chart goes out to the end of the year

  3. You're a bona fide ass bag.

    OOPS, I just fed a troll. >:-(
  4. Aboveyou


    you are the pinnacle of ET trader

    this is a great insult just so you know

    you survive on McDonald cheap 1.30 or so burgers

    and occasional soda because you can't afford better

    I have never seen so much delusion in one place, Never
  5. that from a serial nick changer and delusional twerp.

    Im honored.

    Meanwhile , I'm banking and you're cleaning the dust mites from the room in the cellar that your family provides you.

    How do I know that? lol, its obvious, just like the rally.
  6. Glad you had the turn.