I thought this was ilegal

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    I mean, this people ( the ones burning the flag in Oakland) should be executed, this is not freedom of speech, this is terrorisim.


    Occupy Protests: Clashes at march in US city of Oakland:


    More than 100 Occupy protesters have been arrested in the US city of Oakland after trying to enter the City Hall and a convention centre.

    Police fired tear gas and smoke grenades to disperse crowds who threw rocks, bottles and other objects.

    The Californian port city was the scene of similar clashes last October. In December, protesters occupied the port.

    Oakland is one of several US cities to see mass protests over economic inequality and corporate greed.

    The movement began with Occupy Wall Street in New York last year and has since spread.

    The local offshoot, Occupy Oakland, had earlier called on protesters to join a weekend of action, saying 28 January would be "Move-in Day", and they would "occupy a large, vacant building and convert it into a social center".

    The protest march - joined by as many as 2,000 people over the course of the day - moved first to the empty Henry Kaiser convention centre, police said.

    Some started tearing down perimeter fencing and "destroying construction equipment", the Associated Press quotes the police as saying.

    When protesters ignored an order to leave, they were dispersed using tear gas and smoke, police added. In response, officers were pelted with bottles, rocks, burning flames and other objects.

    Demonstrators also broke into City Hall and a nearby YMCA building in the centre of Oakland, police said.

    One post on Occupy Oakland's Twitter feed later read: "We didn't get in the building, but fought like our future depended on it."

    Oakland police said in a statement that, while the city "welcomes peaceful forms of assembly and freedom of speech... acts of violence, property destruction and overnight lodging will not be tolerated".
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    Burning the U.S. flag, while disgraceful, is not illegal.
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    Thanks pspr, I didn't know that..

    Somehow I believe Obama enjoys all of this as he is doing the same thing in his campaign. He is using people that have worked hard their entire lives as examples of what is wrong with America. This is what President Obama and the Democrats have inspired with their class-warfare rhetoric.

    Im not an American (yet) But I think this people should be executed..
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    Is that what the powers do, where you (may) come from, execute those who make symbolic statements?
  5. Terrorisim?? Don't be scared Messi007.
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    You know, for some people in the middle east, the 911 was also a "symbolic statement".
    Burning the national flag should be ilegal!. It should be a crime!. There's a lot of different ways to make an statement.
  7. While I do not like the idea of the national colors being burned, it is a free speech issue. If you endeavor to become an American, you should first understand this concept....free speech is not limited to speech you happen to agree with.
  8. Yeah, I have to go with freedom of speech on this one, reluctantly. I guess as repugnant as the KKK marches and things like that as well. We have to hold our noses and turn away and Thank God, or whomever, for our Nation of laws.

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    They should be burning congressmen and senators, not the flag.

    These people do not understand WHAT they are angry about. It isn't that our country sucks, it is the two political crime families that suck.

    Everything that is wrong with our country has originated on capital hill. These pigs will do anything to retain power and use it for their own personal gain and to aid their political puppet masters.

    The sad thing is that most of the "occupy" crowd is going to line up like sheep and vote for the status quo come election time. The democrat's are already lining them up to be useful idiots in the coming election just like the republicans used the useful idiots of the "Tea party" to gain politically.

    Real change can only come when the two political crime families are out of power. Our republic is broken, we do not have a voice as citizens anymore. We pretend to hold elections but are only given the choice of being poked in the left eye with a sharp stick or the right eye.

    What I find disgusting are the idiots that "get behind" a political candidate and truly believe they will change ANYTHING. We have been electing the two political crime families for over a hundred years expecting different results every time.

    I am voting third party. I know they can't "win" but seriously- look what backing the winning candidate has brought us. This is winning?
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    ^Now, here's an ET poster who understands what is happening in the USA.^

    So, let me say it again:
    Never vote for a Democrat.
    Never vote for a Republican.
    Either way, the government wins.
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