I thought this Lamar Jackson was supposed to be so great

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wildchild, Jan 12, 2020.

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    All I heard all season long was how great this guy was. I finally watch one of their games and this guy looked lost out there. Poor accuracy, poor decision making, and he throws these knuckle-balls. A nice pass is supposed to be a spiral, not end-over-end.

    I am also missing the 'he is better than Michael Vick' point. Well not based off what I watched. Vick was a better runner and passer.
  2. This Lamar guy could run around like a cat and not be tackled. Otherwise, he just plain sucked. No idea why he would be considered for the MVP! LOL !!!
  3. He had a great year but dropped a dud in the first big playoff game of his career after sitting for the final game of the season. jeez he had a shitty game all you all star analysts.

    All good QBs have laid an egg early on..shit Peyton Manning got bitch slapped by Seattle in a Super Bowl.
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    This is his second playoff game. He layed an egg last year too.
  5. Last year was a fluke..this year he was supposed to take them to the Super Bowl and took a big dump on the field.

    Also Titans played great Defense...dont sleep on them now they have a better QB
  6. Also Travis Henry is a game changer....he beat Ravens into submission....Texans putting pain to KC as well.
  7. KC woke up.......KC offense clicking so shoudl be a good match up with Titans...

    Sadly a Green Bay/SF v. Kansas City Super Bowl might not be that exciting...
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    In my NFL.com playoff challenge I picked the Saints for the wildcard because I was all agog about Brees's records-breaking season, and was pissed he did not make the NFL 100 top 10 QB list. That pissed me off. It cost me a doubler. But I did pick Hill and Kelce in the wildcard round, heh.

    So now I gots mostly KC with triplers going into to the conference game. All I have to do is replace Mark Ingram for that RB position, and I'll get some major pointage!
  9. Derrick Henry you mean

    Travis Henry fathered at least 11 children with 10 different women, went bankrupt (shocker), started a cocaine distribution ring, and ended up in federal prison.

  10. Oops yes Derrick...
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