I Thought the New World Order didn't exist?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ratboy88, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Banks face "new world order," consolidation: report
    Mon Mar 17, 2008 12:19pm EDT

    By Walden Siew

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Financial firms face a "new world order" after a weekend fire sale of Bear Stearns and the Federal Reserve's first emergency weekend meeting since 1979, research firm CreditSights said in a report on Monday........

  2. Nothing new for JPM. Do a little research on the man. I knew when they stepped in what this was all about.

    Having said that, I say this, so what?

    We are so small as to be fleas on the back of an elephant. What we really do?

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  3. but the media says we are kooks for using this term. how odd.
  4. achilles28


    They're working overtime to get us acclimated.

    NWO this. NWO that.
  5. Not really.

    The NWO, to their credit, have learned that if the masses are given the time and energy, they may become suspicious of their government, rather than dependent on it.

    This may lead to revolution.

    If the revolution is too early, or goes counter to the direction that has been planned, it moves the timeline back for global government by the elite.

    It takes time and energy to verify and filter information.

    The best thing to do is overload information, and scramble with disinformation.

    After a period of time, Joe Sixpack, who can barely read anyway by this point, is just too tired to figure this thing out.

    Divide and Conquer.

    We are the point now where the NWO can brazenly tell the truth. There is little hope for unity long enough to even slow them down, much less stop them.

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  6. The world doesn't exist. So how can there be a new world order? If there was a world however, it would be a *new order* relative to the Kingdom of which I speak. And this *new* world would contain symbols of its origin. NWO is a symbol of the subversion of the Kingdom shared by all equally, into the hands of a few coveted privately.

  7. you don't exist... this post doesn't exist. iraq doesn't exist... war doesn't exist. it is a noooo thing... whatever.. just more new age garbage.
  8. More like *no age*. What new age guru says none of it exists? Good luck finding one. The very anticipation of a new age locks you into a time experience that isn't really happening. This is not worthy of an eternal being.

  9. i didn't say they said none of it exist... ya know why? my previous post doesn't exist. that was your false reality that read that. when you perceive what you think are my post you are actually creating an illusion to fulfill your ego's interpretation of what existence really is... yet does not exist except in the person's "un-conceived" mindset. :confused: you got that homeboy? it's as plain as the nose on your face... but that doesn't really exist either. oy vey!