I thought somebody got the inventory number 2 minutes before the release today

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by BPtrader, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. that 2-minute spike was vicious, wan't it?

    Who did it? He must be playing a joke on us.

    It's a good joke, though.
  2. I would guess the same group that did it again at 1128 a.m.
    215 p. m and at the close.
  3. yeah, this is the same retarded garbage we here all the time from you all.

    Somebody sees a big spike and immediately claim manipulation or "he unfairly got the news first" How many times do we need to hear this crap?

    The big players in the market hardly waste their time trading shorter time frames, When they put in huge orders like that, they typically are looking at longer time frame trade strategies like 4 hr and daily, if not longer....

    No need for you all to post this repetitive B.S. every other day...:mad:
  4. Fact: the market move was 2 minutes early today

    Until hopefully enough traders complain and the Regulatory Sectors do something about it. Daily if necessary. Although outside of yourself and a few here it seems to be on deaf ears.

    With reference to your last paragraph, what's your reference?