I thought Republicans hated big government

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  1. States with the biggest % of Government workers are Red States


    10 States Where An Absurd Percentage Of The Population Works For The Government

    Greece's bloated public sector employs the same share of the workforce -- 14.1% -- as America's. Some US states are much worse, giving public jobs to nearly 25% of workers.

    A new CEPR report analyzes just how bloated our public sector is.

    Surprisingly -- as Economix points out -- the biggest public sectors aren't in liberal states like California. They're in states like Kansas, where people often rail against big government.

    10 Nebraska
    #10 Nebraska

    Gov. Dave Heineman
    Public employees: 128,025

    % of all employees: 16.0

    #9 New York
    #9 New York

    Gov. David Patterson
    Public employees: 1,296,806

    % of all employees: 16.3

    #8 Idaho

    Gov. Butch Otter and family
    Public employees: 96,225

    % of all employees: 16.4

    #7 Kansas
    #7 Kansas

    Gov. Mark Parkinson
    Public employees: 201,660

    % of all employees: 16.5

    #6 West Virginia
    #6 West Virginia

    Gov. Joe Manchin III
    Public employees: 114,169

    % of all employees: 16.7

    #5 North Dakota
    #5 North Dakota

    Gov. John Hoeven
    Public employees: 49,454

    % of all employees: 16.8

    #4 Mississippi
    #4 Mississippi
    Public employees: 191,831

    % of all employees: 18.9

    #3 New Mexico
    #3 New Mexico

    Gov. Bill Richardson
    Public employees: 148,882

    % of all employees: 19.9

    #2 Alaska
    #2 Alaska

    Gov. Sean Parnell
    Public employees: 60,067

    % of all employees: 20.8

    #1 Wyoming
    #1 Wyoming

    Gov. David Freudenthal and sons
    Public employees: 52,433

    % of all employees: 22.0
  2. Further evidence of your cognitive impairment.

  3. Go ask your 8th grade teacher.....

    Us Republicans are too busy creating wealth so we can support your people.
  4. Creating wealth with all those government jobs you guys are taking ?
  5. The real smart republicans don't pay taxes, just ask Dick Cheney and Henry Paulson how much taxes they paid on their windfall of $35 million and $600 million they got from their respective companies.

    These Demented geriatric maggots and satanic mental midgets rotate around the same lies. Even when they know their blatant lying is easily verifiable with a quick internet search.

    You don't have to go far for that proof. ET is full of them. One of the biggest ones is why Obama ran up the deficit.


    The demented geriatric Maggots have shit in their satanic brains. That's why they forget the 8 prior years of non-stop war paid with deficit spending.

    The biggest welfare states are all Bush voting maggots. They're choking on farm aid and then go march on the streets about govt. spending.

    As you can see, the biggest geriatric fool of them all started the process of stealing from the future to pay for the wealth of his corporate donors. F'n satanic shit. Every single one of them.

  7. Once again shows Republican hypocrisy,hate big government,but has no problems making their living off that big government

    Rand Paul hates big government but supports medicare,because that's where he gets 50 % of his income
  8. Not big gov't. Just the useless like you.