I thought Ivy Leaguers were supposed to be smart.

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_harvard_scholar_disorderly

    I mean, if you have gone to Harvard, you are supposed to have at least a basic understanding of how the system works no matter what color you are. My guess is that he was just trying to start trouble with the police, so he deserved to be arrested.

    Now that said, about 7 or 8 years ago, the same situation happened to me but with a different outcome. I had locked myself out of the house accidently, so i climbed through a window to get in. Apparently someone called the police and within 5 minutes they were at my door. They asked for my ID which i gladly showed them. I answered all their questions and I explained my situation as why i was climbing through my window and told them I was very happy that there are people in the neighborhood who called the police, because if I was a real burgler, i am glad people cared enough to call and that the police were so fast to arrive. The police were not at my house more than a few minutes before they left and they went on their way.

    Now...the way I handled it is they way you should handle that situation. I have no idea why someone would get angry at the police for trying to protect the neighborhood and refuse to come to the door. I thought ivy leaguers were supposed to be the brightest in the country. I dont know why that guy acted like a total ass. Maybe its the social elitism of the ivy league that made him think he was better than the public servants who were there to make sure his home was safe from burglers. If it was a burgler that broke into his house and the burgler refused to come to the door and the police just left without getting the burglers ID, this guy would've called the police stupid and probably would've wanted them fired. Instead the police did their job right and now the guy thinks its racism.

    A $200k education and they dont even teach you the basics of how to deal with people. Unbelievable.
  2. this coming from someone who claims to be educated but still believes in creationism. funny really.
  3. This guy has made a nice career out of the racial grievance hustle. He clearly sees everything in racial terms. Rather than dealing with the situation like a normal person, he immediately turned it into a racial incident, then blames the police. This is exactly why police dread dealing with minorities these days. Every incident turns into an argument, sometimes a fight or shooting, then there is a media circus.

    I have no use for this guy, but still, I have to wonder why the police arrested him. He was in his own house. So what if he yelled at them? As far as I know, that's not against the law. He was a jerk, and they decided to teach him a lesson about screwing with cops.

    I feel sorry for the woman who called the police. She will probably lose her job or at a minimum be forced to go to mandatory sensitivity training.
  4. Dont you know? Nowadays if you question the police you become an assailant...we know what happens to somone when they assault a PO.

    Liberty in eclipse.