"I thought getting a job would be a snap"

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  1. how will your kids look at it if only option in life is to be or marry a plumber or be small time crook.

    dreams cost money too.
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    It's definitely a food stamp recovery when even Ivy League people can't get jobs.
  3. Still why would someone borrow and spend 100K to go to an ivy league school for a teaching degree.

    Teacher salaries start at 38K average, the first 10 years they only get at 1% annual raise. (according to the union scale book)

    A cheap state school is good enough.
  4. I call BS on the chick from Princeton and the teaching job. Many parts of her story don't add up.

    Yes, teaching jobs are a bit tougher to get these days with lots of localities cutting back. But there are still openings, plenty of them. My guess is she couldn't get a job in the school district she wanted to work in. Try another district or another state dear. The Princeton degree will put her at the top of the list of those applying.

    She has a job at a PR firm in Chicago and commutes from the burbs, but complains about gas. Chicago has a good public transit system, why isn't she taking the train?

    The architect is complaining, but it sounds to me like she's had a heckuva fun ride. Worked and traveled all over the world and still in her early 20s. STFU please.
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    If I remember correctly, many of those top schools offer loan forgiveness if you do public/non-profit work.
  6. Just ask dad for another 100k and get a masters degree, that should do the trick! When I was in college I saw many of my friends rack up 80-100k on a bullshit degree. Now they are fucked and jobless.

    We are creating a generation of government assistants. Gov lends them money for college. Then gov gives them heath care, food stamps, subsidized housing ext ext. There is no intensive to succeed.
  7. Good points, it clearly illustrates that we have MUCH further to fall, as we've not even begun our own austerity campaign. Currently, we are just throwing the fixed income elderly and assorted middle class under the bus. Eventually, that bite will become bigger and all these government jobs that have been the only option for many recent graduates will begin to disappear as well.
  8. The interesting part of this is that there was a great deal of degree "inertia" in the planning of alot of these students. They witnessed the previous crop of college grads take on a ton of student loans and find well paying jobs. Nobody really mentioned, nor do they now, that many of those jobs were directly related to the once in a lifetime credit bubble. It's another reason why college tuitions have literally doubled in less than a generation (maybe tripled). Without an end market for all these degrees (some completely useless), we'll just have an ongoing series of devastating credit busts.
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    loans to students have caused high tuition.
    eliminate government guaranteed loans.
    then tuition will drop.
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