I thought bush fixed all this.

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  1. There are no terrorists any more. These are just petty criminals, no different from the guy stealing a 6 pack of Coke from Tom Thumb.

    They're liberal victims in need of liberalism to save them.
  2. They didn't exist in the first place. Don't you remember. It was all fear-mongering by Bush. It was a completely invented threat. We heard that lie for 8 years.
  3. america is dieing on it's own

    china just did what western countries were doing for decades, prosecuting and even executing the people of other countries

    no one was able to do shit about the guantanamo bay, now no one can say shit to china, they don't give a fuck about shit ass britain, actually who does? that country's gotta be the shittiest place to live in anyways

    the world woke up; america and the west for that matter are nothing but colors and skin on tv
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    This surprises you? It was Bush/Cheney ignoring the Hart-Rudman domestic security plan that allowed 9/11 in the first place. What they cooked up post-9/11 still can't touch Hart-Rudman for security efficiency, and that's where we still are today. (Has anybody even informed Obama about Hart-Rudman?)
  5. republicans have blocked nomination of a head for the tsa. cant help:

    "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will schedule a formal Senate roll call vote on the nomination of Errol Southers," the Obama appointee who Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has blocked for the past four months over worries about TSA employees being able to unionize. Reid will file a cloture motion to overcome DeMint's block.
  6. Oh yes there are, we have the Main Terrorist by the name of Hussein Obama sitting in the White House.
    What concern is it of his if Iran develops a nuclear ballistic missile capability that could wipe out 300,000,000 people in a couple of minutes during a nuclear war?

    "He who does not punish evil commands it to be done." (Leonardo da Vinci)
    "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
  7. The Democrats control the House, have a super-majority in the Senate and control the White House, yet everything bad that happens is still the fault of Republicans. Brilliant. When the party in power is so pathetic that it blames all its woes on the minority party, it is blatantly obvious that they don't deserve to be in power anymore.

    I guess the good news for the Dems is that after the 2010 election this argument will be a little more reasonable.