I think you will like this

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    I think I have done well?
  2. You sly devil, is that your girlfriend?
  3. No I wish she was. Her boyfriend is not that attractive in my opinion but I guess I wouldn't no for sure as I like women.

    She is hot though isn't she. She makes the famous people in the UK and America look ugly. I think she is more the model look of the 90's and 80's. I wish that would return instead of average looking 16 or 18 year old girls who make bad songs.

    In any event I forgot how hot some women are as we only see average looking women in the media nowadays.

    That is what I would go for in the future.
  4. Your comment brings to mind another thought.

    What makes a women attractive changes over time.

    I think when we are younger we focus on the superficial.

    Can't spend our life looking at cartoons, have to enjoy a Matisse or whatever.

  5. Figures! Just like you to fall for a masculine chick with a cock coefficient > 60% :) :)

    In this part of the world they're called "katoeys" ... meaning they are gorgeous to look at but they all have a dick + attitude.

    This particular one defo has a symbolic dick, meaning she'll wear the pants esp. around an ultra soft-spoken guy like you.

    To win with one like this, if you can make an entry, and emptied the seminal vescicle, its best to just say, "yeah, gotta go" ... and if she asks, "I hope you'll come back some day, here's my #?" ... you just smile and say, "yeah, someday" ... then you just leave and never go back.

    There is no other way to win this one! :D :D :D

    Withn a week another bus will come along. Repeat the formula! :)
  6. how do you know how i speak.
  7. TraDaToR


    She grew up 30 kms from my house. I know someone who dated her when she was young.

    She is definitely the hottest TV journalist in France, but her boyfriend, Jamel Debbouze,who is one of the worst humorist ever, is slowly converting her to anti- police, anti-establishment, pro- islam ideas and she is becoming impulsive in her interviews, treating everybody as a potential racist...It's sad to see this happening to such a beautiful girl.

  8. From your posts, Morgan. :)
  9. Do you like my tactile way?

  10. I do. :)

    But there is alot more that I like about you. You're a volunteer. God bless you, man. :)

    speaking about gals, you'll be happy with the simpler variety - without sacrificing anything in the "looks" or "sexiness" departments .... ultra-feminine, silky smooth, soft skin, mellifluous bedroom voice with no trace of "dick invasion or pollution i.e. 100% pure female" and what's more, she'll take real care of you; all you gotta do is do your job and bring the bacon home as any decent hunter oughta do. And the best part is that there is no shortage of such beautiful women - they can be readily found in any country. Such women are truly wonders to behold in a single or family setting. :)

    with the girl on page 1, this would be your fate ...


    but with this you'll fly ....


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