I think user id "5pillars" is a vcap broker

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  1. This guy is a broker or getting paid by them because he is an auto response for anyone asking about a free demo or TT or Ninja.

    Look up all of his responses. All the same. blah blah blah--go to vcap futures is the final answer to all questions.
  2. actually I have mentioned Velocity to others here too....sorry! :D



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    Velocity Futures has a data center in Chicago where you can place a server based automated strategy with XTrader. The connection there is exceptional and they have some good rates.

    I am sure you could find several other Chicago based brokers with data centers there if you need the speed.


    Vcap has been great to deal with and that is very rare in my experience.....so I will definitely pass that along to others.

  3. Hey you can trade forex through them too!!! :)

    I see you work for AMP.....LOL! :D

  4. Aok



    How does his front running Vcap make you open an account there?

    And no, I dont have an account there :D

    Many people on here will jock their pet software, broker, blog or whatever. This is after all, the anonymous internet. I recommend you investigate Vcap or whomever yourself. If X doesnt work for you move on.
  5. See, I assume you guys are smart enough to do your own due diligence......maybe that is a leap of faith on my part. :p
  6. how much is the RT with vcap for ninja-zen for say emini cme?
  7. I think rat threads go into the Chit Chat section.
  8. dandxg - My guess would be about $4.00 RT for the retail trader with lower volume........and of course less with bigger monthly volume.
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    I am pretty sure where you are at dandxg (P-------e) is lower for the retail person. However if you are doing size, anything is negotiable.

    I dont have a account at either. But in light of disclosure I have talked to both those outfits and there were very close to my (V------y) rate and I can tell you that Zenfire seems faster that TT when I demod it at one of those two firms. If such a thing is possible.

    Just quote Alaron/Flashfutures rate of $3.90 with Ninja but no Zenfire and see what they say. Dont forget if you're doing more than 2-3k round turns/ month to look into cme membership.

  10. Thanks guys. I am just piking working on my stratedgy and getting my mind sharp and geared up for multi lots.

    I use Ninja Zen right now through pro active, but I get $4.70 for RT for CME eminis which is lower than the published rate. I get this for a 1 lot even because of the voume my mentor does and I piggy back on him.

    I might just give them a call. I believe Ninja Zen is slightly faster than X Trader basic from Velocity as I came from there. They are both real good though.

    My problem with Ninja is shelling out $150 upfront for something that has charting problems and doesn't always calculate PNL correctly. Did you guys see those bad euro ticks last week? I hope you are listening Ray.

    My futuresource quotes didn't have them so I know it wasn't an exchange issue. I could have had an erroneous trade, based on bad data. Enough of my bitching. It is good, but for the money it better get better or I may just go TransAct for $4RT and use Sierra Charts as before.
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