I think Traderzones should have limited moderator status.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by CowboyBlue, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Traderzones seems to be quite efficient at cleaning up spam on this site, as evidenced by the pic below, i think mods should give him some sort of temporary moderator status whereby if he ever steps over the line of cleaning up spam you ban him. He definately is on some sort of vendetta to rid this site of spam, it would probably make both your lives and his easier, while i think he is providing some sort of service to this site, it is creating a cluster fuck in the feedback section as shown below. Give traderzones moderator status, and if he abuses it he is gone simple as that, i really dont think he will, as he appears to be a rational human being. If it comes down to a long time member such as chaosnsx or brandonf's case, simply make it so he has to ask you guys whether or not he is allowed to delete it.

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  2. the major problem is, that at least half these reports sent in via the "Complain" button, get ignored.

    Under feedback now, most usually get addressed
  3. Joe


    For some reason, I never get any of your Complain buttons. But I do get your Feedback posts since I subscribe to the feedback section. I don't mind you posting here, especially since you help clean up the site, please continue.
  4. Only those moderators assigned to the forum get the feedback. But I agree with Joe, it's better for you to post here.
  5. correct. A lot of mods seem not to deal with Complains on their areas. Don't know if that means that some forums are unmoderated, or the mods for those are unattentive or untrained in dealing with "Complain."

    The real damage, is that the easier it is to spam, the more it will grow, as it has some value to the spammer.

    If constantly getting booted and ALSO ensuring their IPs are banned, they will have more problems.
  6. everyone who supports spam is the goof. If you think it is an insult, then you are to be seriously pitied.
  7. You are right the complain button is essentially worthless, no one ever responds, why dont you guys give him a shot as a mod with very strict guidelines?
  8. Joe


    I gave him the opportunity, he turned it down.
  9. ok cool thx for the response it was just a suggestion, in that case can we just make one long thread which you guys visit in feedback where he just reports all spammers all at once? His anti spamming agenda is turning into SPAM.:D j/k
  10. I don't remember turning anything down, but I tend to get abused by some know-nothings because I have the nerve to try and seek suppression of spammers & others trying to drag down this good site.

    It would nice to have one long thread, but I noticed mods tend to ignore this. I would prefer a new SPAM button on the bottom of posts, to the right of COMPLAIN button, that would forward spam to a single SPAM notification service, that could be received/subscribed to by current (attentive) ET mods. It would autocopy the post/post#, without any text needing adding. But this suggestion was ignored...

    It would be lovely if everyone would put pressure on free-publicity seekers. It is a serious abuse of the site, and devalues it for all.
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