I think TIE is along here...

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  1. hahahaha just kidding. I will be shorting this in size over the next week and covering in august.

    A cyclical trading at 41 time earnings, pfffft. Oh wait, its different this time. Right.
  2. Are you placing stops, or just letting it go until the inevitable meltdown? (In other words, how much pain are you willing to take?)
  3. Stops are 10% higher from fri close with an expectation of a 30%+ gain.
  4. OK. Hope it works out for you.
  5. I can't imagine the thought process that would arrive at the decision to short a stock based upon an arbitrary p/e. So it's at 41... why not 42?

    Fundamentally, titanium demand is incredible. Prices for 3/2.5, 6/4 and other grades are parabolic.
  6. Im also an armchair technician and happen to think the chart pattern reflect unsustainable euphoria.

    But the real answer is i'm adiscretionary trader, I set my parameters and see what happens. If I get stopped out i get stopped out.
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    And amazingly, a drop of 30% from here would just put TIE back where it was a couple of weeks ago.
  8. don't short this sell the naked calls as it gives you 10% to be wrong
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    This stock is up 7200% in 2 1/2 years...daily, weekly, monthly RSI are off the charts. Up 12 straight months with the monthly RSI at 98.33. The strongest stock by far in the market. But who's to say it can't go up another 100-200%?

    I think the chairman pays really close attention to the stock price knowing full well that this stock attracts all the momo players. He strategically buys a ton of stock every few months and announces stock splits to keep this stock ramping. Why else would he buy so much stock now after a 7000% run when he could have gotten bargain basement prices 1-2 years ago. How long this game can be played is anyone's guess.

    That said...shorting this stock is suicidal.
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