I think this Swine Flu is for real, manufactured, and will get much worse

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  1. Watch all 6 clips if you have time. This is not a natural flu virus, the way it spread around the world is not normal. The market thinks it can shrug this but I think it will head much lower because of this.

    Steve Quayle has studied viruses for years!

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    according to this video, the idea is to create fear so that everyone will want to take a vaccine. the vaccine will then contain a new virus. this has apparently happened before. when the WHO injected millions of africans with small pox vaccines in the 1970s, the small pox vaccine had the aids virus. that's why aids broke out in africa all of a sudden in huge numbers.

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    Can't click that video. Look at the guy, he looks like a child. If he is going to tell me I'm going to die to an evil master plan, he needs to dress up a bit for the occasion.
  4. He has also studied alien agendas, giants and their role in creating civilization AND sold dozens of copies of his book, "Aliens and Fallen Angels: The Sexual Corruption of the Human Race" AND keeps a unicorn in his basement. How he has accomplished so much with only a G.E.D. is beyond me.
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  6. I prefer the Austrian view to Viruses.

    Let it spread.

    Do not close down borders.

    Do not wear mouthmasks.

    Let the markets decide if it"s a pandemic or not.

  7. I COULDN'T DISAGREE MORE. Alex Jones has the courage to fight governmental CORRUPTION regardless of how popular it may be.

    Do your research on government vaccinations, including the smallpox vaccines in Sub-saharan African during the 70s & 80s; and the large gay communities in NYC & San Francisco, who also received the vaccines.

    The "promise" of HIV was that it would eliminate the people of Africa whilst leaving its resources intact. It's been described as a "failure" in this regard.

    In a free society there's nothing wrong with an unabashed, UNCENSORED DISCUSSION on pertinent matters; in this case it's swine flu.
  8. Alex Jones is a moron.

    Anyway I didn't say delete it, I said move it. I'm all for free speech too.
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