I think the high on the $SPX a few days ago was it...

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  1. Looks like its real weak now after a good thrust. I remember in 2004, March was looking strong and then April was the low of that year. I think April will be different from March this time around especially as I see the indexes struggling to stay a top the 10 day.

    I think thats it...for now...solar and energy should remain strong though.
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    Haha, all systems go on the short side...
  3. I feel like March (just like last year) will mark a turning point. I was hoping at the start of the year the indexes would sell off into March and then turn upward...however, it looks like the opposite is about to occur.
  4. Buy the dip. Especially EWZ and GLD.
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    Another TOP call :eek: ?
  6. Loving it...10x leverage on ES.
  7. people have been shouting SELL each day since last 200 days. Someday somebody will be right, no?
  8. Maybe another 100 days they will be right.
  9. I dont think I am wrong on this one. If we get past 1178 on the ES then this thread will be blown.

    The bottom on February 4th was marked by a good volume and so is the top that is being placed in today....

  10. Well, according to the rumor, GS agrees with you and sold a sizeable amount of contracts short at 1177.
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