I think shorts just got candled again

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  1. I spoooz future was down 37 points at 11:pM yesterday. Now it is only down 24 points- a huge surge of 13 points. The dow future are 100 points off the lows.

    This is very bullish. The futures will keep drifting higher until the open.

    When the market opens the indexes will SURGE until hey are nearly green. The dow will only be down by 30 or so points. The spooz will only be down 2 points or so.

    If your a daytrader now is the perfect time to go long.

    There is nothin wrong with the economy. Nothing changed between now and 2005 before the so called 'credit crunch'. THis is a media gnerated financial crisis. All in your head. NO recesssion and no bear market.

    Stocks will surge at the open. It will be a short slaughter.
  2. "I do not fail" ST

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    Sometimes I like to describe the current markets conditions as an analogy.

    My current analogy goes something like this.

    The Bull rises up, paws the ground, lowers his head and makes a charge. The bear strolls up to the bull bitch slaps it to the ground, rips a horn out of it's heads and sodomizes the bull with it.
    The bull staggers back to it's feet makes another half hearted attempt at a charge.
    The bear slaps it back to the ground, rips the other horn out and...

    Well you get the idea.
  4. You make me laugh!:D
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    it's a bear market...
  6. .....with a hell of a long way to go. It sounds like there's still a lot of optimism out there just waiting for someone to take their money away.
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    the dow should be trading below 11k, simple as that, lets see the federal reserve step in today and cut 1% point just to keep the market propped up.....

    Dow should be opening up over 500 points lower, not 200 points.
  8. Markets surging as I predicted they would. It was so obvious. I told ya' the bear sterns thing was an isolated event. We're still in a bull market. Web 2.0 and spendism. Consumerism and paymentism. Millions of people using myspace and facebook. You can't tell me there are economic problems when there aren't any. Dow 14,000 soon.
  9. LOL :D :D

    Is this the lowest you can go? Is there such a thing as a 'crawl on'?
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