I think most traders just go Tapioca.

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  1. And that is your main problem!

    You can't go Tapioca... You must hold your ground like a Boss! You must sell high and buy back low. Or buy low and cover high.

    Gotta hold your ground! Took a little heat before this short setup I was calling went in my favor. (Check my Journal.)

    I am tired of this place... Returning to TD Ameritrade chatrooms where people are more civilized.

    Remember... Price is a "Trending Occilator". This oscillator makes initial lows next Tuesday.

    Good luck all!

    I think I'm just going to start manually following the setups in my system. 90%+ of them work...

    Of course they work... LoL... It's mostly based upon George Taylors discovery of the market trending in steps of 3 days, with a variation of 4-5 then reversing, and doing the same... Vice versa.

    These repetitive market cycles were discovered a century ago.

    Whats funny is I discovered the Magic T (Read the book Pit Bull) by myself without knowing others had discovered it... However... The theory that the market spends the same amount of time rising as it does falling isn't actually "perfectly" correct... Unless your talking the Forex Market...

    Equities follow slightly different time ratios depending upon trend speed and direction. It's a bit complex... Ill leave it up to you to work it out for yourself.

    Btw, if you didn't recognize that chart instantly... You'll never be a successful trader. S&P 500 Daily.
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    I see you've been reading George Angell books . He has alot of good ideas.
  3. George Angell? Who is that?

    He gets bad reviews... Hmmm
  4. The OP is correct! In all forms of gambling...

    If you don't hold your sh*t together the other players are going to take you for all you got. :cool: Be strong! Be stubborn!
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    He wrote several books , Sniper Trading was one of them . I remember him talking about that three day trading system that Taylor had devised years ago . Sorry thought you had read his book. By the way , it's a pretty good book.