I think McCain won this first debate

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  1. by a small margin...!

    This is strictly from a DEBATE point of view He used his strengths and was able to deflect weaknesses.

    I think Obama is too nice and is not willing or is unable to go for the jugular. .. and hammer John McCain. I think this is because he actually respects the man.

    To bad it's not Obama/McCain.
  2. I thought Mccain loss by a large margin
  3. JA_LDP


    all the "experts" on tv are saying mccain won by a landslide. i thought obama won...
  4. Damn liberal media.

  5. That's just absurd. No one on either side of the debate is claiming that.
  6. I thought McCain won, Obama did well.

    Amazing, on Intrade McCain has moved up 5 points
  7. I think McCain used Obama willingness to talk to aggressive countrys to make Obama look weak. But all other discussions looked like Obama won the debate.
    McCain is so driven by his ego, not the issues. That is how I saw the debate.
    Why is Mr Biden giving his opinion of the debate as democrat opinon, but Guiliani gives his opinion for the republican side? Why not Palin? Where is she?
  8. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    I think Obama won but it was very close.

    loved when McCain said he wasn’t voted Miss Congeniality in the Senate. I guess that explains why he chose Ms Palin to make up for this deficiency. She was voted Miss Congeniality.
  9. I hear you man.

    Did you hear how she got dissed at the end of Biden's talk? ... as the time draw near I don't think she's going to get any respect, and it will be McCain's ultimate undoing.

    In fact they're talking about it right now ... it makes her look ... weak. :eek:
  10. Palin is being prepared by the McBush camp for her next interview and upcoming debate with Biden:

    <img src=http://kassandraproject.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/brainwashing02.gif>

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