I think it's the Weather

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  1. What determines the market's direction each day? Jobs Data, manufacturing reports, interest rates, war, government conferences, etc. . . . ?

    I think it's the weather more than anything else. Today its raining, the market is down. Thursday it will be sunnier, the market will go up. Freak blizzard in April, the market goes down. Sweltering heat in July, market goes down. Flowers blossoming and birds chirping in May, market will go up.

    That's what I think.
  2. Except for that all important Plow sector..
  3. I think seriously though that weather would have an effect on the markets. Tough to determine because of the lack of localization. But, an especially cold winter, for example, I could see having an effect. It seems like it would slow down human activity, which would be bad for trading and the economy within certain economic models.

    Hey, anything's possible.
  4. But I think what moves the markets is mostly the moods of the big players, whoever they are. And I think what affects their moods more than anything else is the Weather.
  5. Wow, I think you guys are really on to something.
  6. Whose weather? NY, Chicago, LA, London, Paris, Tokyo or just one's own personal weather?
  7. The majority. Mainly New York, Chicago. London and Los Angeles are used to unchanging weather, so they don't count very much.
  8. At 10:30, the sun came out. It started to get warm outside. I went long!!

    The future's rallied 8 points.

    This is great!
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    Everybody talks about the weather . . . but nobody does anything about it. - Except for crooked meteorologists and cloud-seeding manipulators! :p
  10. I dont know anything
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