i think it's shocking there are people that will disagree with this

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. say there is a machine that does exactly what the human body does below the neck.

    i propose you could (quickly) detach my head, connect it to the machine, and i would be alive as i am right now.


  2. there is a group that proposes just this :


    you are behind the times, gekko.

  3. its not your body that makes you a bad trader...its your head....so what will change?????:D :D

    kidding aside, isn't this what they are trying to do with ted williams?
  4. And what point would that be?

  5. fo one that proof of god/creator is weak at best. that be a good start.


  6. that is the point???? what are you talking about????
  7. i want theists to concede the point. that's the difference.

  8. FAITH is a poor poor method of discovery and even poorer method to knowledge.

    I'd like concessions from THEM on these two points and maybe we atheists will take things a bit more seriously here.

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