I think I found a trick

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  1. I have this program that I shows me the volume and how many are small trades (200 or less stocks)

    And then Big trades and how much of the volume is that (3000 shares or more)

    I have noticed if you see big volume small trades selling off

    Then later at the low price you see lower volume of small trades but bigger blocks trades if you jump in you make money later because then the small trade volume goes up but if then the larger volume trade drops, thats when I get out usually.

    So far it seems to work.
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    Good job! Now turn him, and make sure you collect. Then hit the mean streets right afterwards! Time is money. :D
  4. I wrote an indicator once that did a similar thing: it identified on the chart where the "big" bid and ask orders were and where they "small" bid and ask orders were.

    It provided no edge because there was no correlation between the beginning, middle, or end of trends. Every possible occurrence occurred at every possible point. Sometimes huge orders occured at the beginning of a trend, sometimes in the middle, and sometimes in the end.

    But cheers to you if you've found something that works :D
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  6. What would be cool if there is a way to generate tommorows chart today via software analysis.
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    cooler yet would to simply be given profits and not have to trade.
  8. Well that would be real nice. I heard thats how Goldman Sachs do it, they have the computers do all the work trading using software that predicts future prices.

    I am working towards that goal.
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    What you heard is slightly incorrect. G.S> does not predict future prices, they create future prices.
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