I think America has to fight a Bloody War every 2 decades to remind them War isnt the

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Does america have to fight a blood war every 2 decades to remind them war isnt the An

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  1. I think america has to fight a bloody bloody war every couple of decades to remind them that war isnt the answer. I think everybody has to agree with that. Look at the beginning of the iraq war. Everybody was gung ho. Saying it would be a cake walk. You had die hard republicans calling anybody who was against the war a traitor. You even had death threats. People who said anything negative, even about how much it would cost, was given death threats and called a traitor. Now flash foward a few years later. Where are all of the gung ho americans? Where are all of those people who made death threats and called people traitors. I think after more then 2200 deaths, thousands of american soldiers permanately injured, over 60 thousand iraqi civilian deaths * the ones even worth reporting*, 10's of thousands of iraqi civilians injured, a country ravaged, and over 600 billion wasted, the American public has finally realized war isnt easy or even an answer. I think this pictuer below explains why war isnt the answer.
  2. Not that I disagree with you on many of the above statements (or that I agree either), but do you think war was the answer when we were bombed by the Japanese in WWII? Or how about Nazi Germany? Was war the answer to get rid of Hitler?

    Maybe a challenging game of Scrabble would have solved that one?
  3. but the germans and japanese hasnt started a war in over 50 years. I guess 10's of millions dead, was enought. I truely belieave america has to learn the lessons that every veteran in history has learned. War is not easy, it is not free, and diplomacy should be pursued at all costs. I think alot of americans forget that. They all had the images of persian gulf one and panama. That it was going tobe very easy. Like I said, look at how every body was going gung ho to invade iraq. You had death threats and calling everybody who was negative on the war in iraq,called traitors. Even people asking for more diplomacy, or even saying the war would cost billions more then estimated. * Note even those estimates pale in comparisons to reality over 600 billion and counting* I agree that the war on terriosm has tobe fought. But like Bush said. This was a new kind of war, a war where you have to fight cells of people and the money that funds them. The war on terriosm would be more accurately fought if they hired more tresury agents to stop the flow of money, then fighting giant wars that use up all of your resources.

    Ivanovich, do you think the world is safer now or before the war in iraq?
  4. I honestly don't know, and it doesn't matter what I think.

    I think stability was nice before 9/11, though.
  5. jnash


    You sound like Nevil Chamberlin.

    I think the world needs to realize that true evil does exist in the world. The Islamo-Fasist evil is real.
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    War sometimes is the answer. I really don't know how people can deny such an obvious reality.
    Before the war, saying it would be a cakewalk? Why do you make such things up?
    Calling people names? I guess Bushitler doesn't count does it.
    You present such a downright distorted view of the situation that it is no wonder voters reject your answers.
    I guess you're going to try the "lied about wmd" business, now .
    Thank God most people have more sense.
  7. not only did they lie about wmd's but also the 9/11 connection. go read pnac's web site.. they said they were going to do all of this in the 90's. for someone to get on here now and make such a stupid statement shows me how frikin gullible people really can be. i voted for the satanist in 2000 but i regret it everyday of my life since. bush is controlled by neocon Trotskyites and dumbasses like yourself listen to oxycontin limbaugh and somehow justify killing and torturing thousands of innocent civilians. you are a scumbag pal. i am a true conservative. go look at wtc7 and the way it came down and tell me you are still a loyal bush asswipe. come on.. stop eating your own filth and come into reality pal. you're an embarrassment to real conservatives.