I tell myself if I don't see the flow I don't trade otherwise I lose

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by qdz3se, May 8, 2004.

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    But how am I supposed to see the flow?

  2. your not making sense or maybe i don't understand what you mean. i don't know how i make money and at the end of each day i don't know how i will make money the next day. i am very consistent and had 1 down day for under 100 net in the last 2 weeks. the way i make the money is i follow my rules. i trade the same way everyday and don't do the stuff that hurts me. this is a business of rules.
  3. qdz is not known for making sense.
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    It is there, right in front of you. You have to try harder and you will see it.
    If after trying your hardest and you still don't see it, then maybe it isn't there.
    Makes sense?
  5. Hello Folks:
    I am taking a break from my computer problems (trying to avoid killing my computer tech). I saw this thread and thought maybe I can say something that helps.
    First, you have to have some idea of what "flow" is. I suggest you take some time and simply watch. Doesn't matter what market you choose, just start watching an intraday chart using 5 minute bars. What you want to focus on is the way that price moves or "flows" up and down the bar. Notice the pace at which price moves, how it occasionally just stops for a period of seconds while the bids or offers build up. What you are seeing is flow. If you keep on observing with patience, you will learn to sense when price will "pop" up or down.
    At some point you can change your focus so that you are seeing how the bars flow up and down. Again, if you are patient you can see that the day is made of of "moves", starting with the first hour, followed by the countermove into the NY lunch hour, followed by the mid-afternoon move and finally the late session, where you are likely to see a resumption of the morning's action. This is all part of what "flow" is. The longer you observe the more you are likely to develop a feel for "flow". The way to sharpen your feel for flow is to incorporate time and sales, volume, and other indicators to your analysis. Take your time and do it right and you will have developed a feel for the market that is very valuable. Good luck, Steve46.
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    Thanks steve. Interesting, what you said is flow.

    But since we are now in psychology, we need see further. Here is a start point to practice.

    See a face?

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    yes, a clown's face to be exact
  8. Right now, I'm using the PV trend indicator.
  9. Easy as a piece of cake:
    Watch the market price's mysterious dances for six months.
    The secret will be revealed to you.
    Come back, tell us and let's start trading.

  10. "Flow" can take on many forms. For example, when you don't know what you are doing, your account experiences "outflow."
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