I surpassed my trading mentor, but his way is still better, How?

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  1. Well he wasn’t really mentor, the type that would give me his edge and explain how to use it.

    But he did point me in the right direction many times, he knew I would figure things out but he didn’t give spelled out answers.

    Well anyway, long story short, (hey notice “long” and “short” here)


    I make now double the return he makes, keep in mind I am not talking recent bull drive here, I am talking overall. But he told me he would never trade the way I do, even though I do greater return on portfolio.

    He trades everything, oil, stocks, futrs, you name it. I trade only futures.
    He does around 15 trades per day.

    I trade 2 times per week. I trade very large size. He trades small size.

    He is trading for the last 15 years, I’ve been at this game for only 2-3 years.

    Now here is the thing, I do better return, yet I can’t help but feel that he still knows what he is doing better than me.

    Why wouldn’t he otherwise, use my style of trading.
  2. Because he has 15 under his belt.....you only have 3 (when you get to 15 you will know what he knows). :)

    Of course we are all unique and thus have different aspirations and goals in our lives. He may be totally comfortable and satisfied in life with what he is earning from his trading.
  3. 5Pillars that answer is too easy

    isn't the whole point to make more money if you can,

    I mean who here is so rich they would rather use inferior system and skip on better one
  4. "There are bold traders and there are old traders, but very few old bold traders."

    Guess which one you are. When did you exactly "surpass your mentor" in dollar terms out of the past 2-3 years you have been trading? 2, 3, 6 months ago? Picking your spots a couple of times a week with huge size is a great way to make a lot of money. Over the long haul it almost always leads to blowup. So his 15 years of profitability trading day in and out trumps your 6 months of swinging.
  5. clacy


    some people value conservativism more than higher returns. Different strokes for different folks.
  6. The answer IS very easy.....just because you do not see it, does not mean it is not there. :)
  7. hmm..... I hear what you are saying, you have a point I guess.

    but you know I am confident in my trades too, I close my trade by end of day. Why am I comfortable with large size.

    at first answer is "well I am 25", but what about simple math

    If you are a trader with lets say 70% accuracy, increasing size won't change your strategy, only your profit for the better

    I don't get it, it seems so simple to me.
  8. Son, the simple answer is because you're young and fearless. You probably have not experienced a true "market crisis", while he has. You have also been trading in a very low volatility market. To be honest, a large majority of traders have their best years in the beginning. Later on, as they experience more market "events" they size down and ensure they never lost it all.

    By the tone of your posts, I'm speculating that your day of reckoning is right around the corner.
  9. why do you have to say it like it is ....WHY :D

    nah I got few tricks up me sleeve :)
  10. I appreciate the youthful trader and his/her confidence. Most of the best traders are young and fearless. Successful older traders usually morph into trading OPM or what they need to sustain their level of comfort.

    The cheese will move...be prepared
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