I sure do miss Xela and Handle

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  1. Elite Trader is one of 5 web sites I open at the beginning of every trading day. On most days I will log in and check to see if the people I follow have posted anything. Xela and Handle were two of the traders I followed. They are both gone now and it's a bummer.

    I came to this web site as a complete newbie two years ago and I have come a long way as a trader in that time. The information and bounce on ET has been extremely beneficial to me as I have walked/crawled the hazardous and challenging road to profitability. I reached out to Handle one day about a year ago when I got my teeth kicked in on a short TSLA trade losing all of my previous months profits in about an hour. I told him what I had done and asked him for some help. He immediately came back to me and told me flat out "You're doing it wrong." Those words "You're doing it wrong..." were like music to my ears in that; A. Someone who I respected was willing to tell me I was doing it wrong and B. They might help me start doing it right (which he did.)

    I still log into ET every morning and look for meaningful content but I do miss those two and if Handle and Xela are somehow reading this, I want to publicly thank you both (especially Handle) for all the help, practical insight and honesty. You showed me it's possible.
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  2. So you lost a lot of money and someone told you that you were doing it wrong? That kind of advice is hard to come by.
  3. Especially the honesty, eh? :D
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    Thank him in person, he hangs out at Starbucks in El Paso.. which one? Just look for a 16 wheeler outside.
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  5. I didn't say I lost a lot of money, I said I gave back what I made to essentially breakeven. Handle telling me I was doing it wrong was more in response to how I told him I was trading and not that I had lost money. He also followed that up over many PMs with insights on how to do it right so for that I'm forever grateful. I make money now and don't lose it.

    BTW sarcasm is not wit and emojis are not humor but as Handle once told me...
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    They make 16-wheeler shopping carts?
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  7. So why exactly did they get banned? I seem to remember both of them posting generally helpful things. What were their alleged crimes?
  8. Show me on this doll where Xela getting banned hurt you...
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