I Still Think Trading is Easy

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  1. just a few numbers changing on the screen. If you think it is difficult, there is something wrong with yourself. Check yourself, I suggest.

    For example, I thought it was difficult some weeks ago. It turns out that I misunderstood something. Now I think trading is easy. I often do other things during trading hours, such as grocery shopping, going to the Lowe's, mowing the grass, building a shelf......
  2. huh?? :confused:
  3. Some years ago I read some book about interviews with market lizards. In the book, the author described how one wizard was chatting freely and sending in a large order (Don't ask me about the title of the book, I don't know the title, because I often read free books inside a bookstore, I seldom buy books). Anyway, I didn't understand how that was possible for a long time, especially when I started trading: I sent in an order of 10,000 shares of JDSU (My trading plan was to make one cent profit and run) and my heart started to pound!

    Now I understand. Actually I do many other household things during trading.

    Do I sit in front of the screen all the time? No way, Jose. My eyes are much more important, I don't want to damage them. Thank you very much.
  4. Yeah cause you do is that after you finish your paper run or shift at Starbucks?
  5. yeah it takes the short term stress out of a trade.

    I sometimes go bike riding if in a swing trade.

    would be back sometimes and was delighted on how far up the price had
    run up (or down if shorting) because had i been there, i most likely would've cashed out much earlier.

    ofcourse other times........... not so delighted. stops in place recomended
  6. The lizard that you refer to is Paul Tudor Jones. The book is Market Lizards :)
  7. Unlike the other trading group called The Turtles. :)
  8. Oh god, get these idiots out of here.
  9. Yeah but Paul would never put the order in himself he would give it to one of his execution people who would then put it in with whatever broker they decided on or break it up between a couple of them
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