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Discussion in 'Politics' started by bellman, Feb 8, 2006.

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    I really wanted to put this in a forum that would appear on the homepage, but there's already too much fodder there.

    I just find it really distressing when I see execs of companies exercising options to buy stock at a very discounted price and then immediately sell the stock. Who are the morons buying this stock and giving millions away.

    In another thread somebody described the stock market as the biggest Ponzi scheme ever, and I really to this day believe it to be true.

    I hope to become a successful daytrader. This means I will profit from the markets and provide liquidity and more efficiency in return, but I really don't support any market that gives millions of $$$ to these assholes. It's almost enough to make me question capitalism.
  2. Notwithstanding the occasional CEO gone astray, they're the movers and shakers who define their respective industries... while you're putzing around on a message board, dreaming of making your $50k lunch money into $50M. That's the difference.

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    That's fine. Let their business make them money... they are the movers and shakers afterall.

    I was mainly complaining that they get even richer when they exercise options, and really only the speculative public is to blame for that. On average the investors of today are getting hosed.

    This came to my attention as I was talking to a bunch of low salary techs from a medical company not to be named, and they were talking about how great their CEO and other execs were, how they kept everything cheerful, gave good pep talks, etc. etc. I asked them about stock options and benefits, etc. and they said everything was great with their company. Stock is up, etc.

    Then last night I look up the company and come to find out all the top execs have been erxercing options like crazy over the past 6 months getting even richer, while all the lowly employees are just scraping by none-the-wiser.

    I guess I'm just bitter because I'm poor... Maybe I won't care if I can change that lunch money into 50 mil, maybe all I need is to get laid.