I started to buy Tech stock again as of 3:00PM Friday

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Again I believe we are in oversold and panic situation. I am buying SMH, QQQQ, ADI, LLTC
  2. When the future has the courage to become green before the open when it was deep in red last night and go against the market in Europe and Asia, it says this market wants to pop up and is a buy. Time will tell.
  3. There's always tomorrow


  4. I am surprised why many investors get into BP for gambling. Either short or long. I am doing great with my investment in tech stocks and it is a sure gain with acceptable risk and not like BP. Check out ADI.
  5. SMH, ADI, LLTC, TXN, ...
    These are the stocks that you should be in now.
    Rumor: A big upgrade is coming on Thursday which will make worthless call options in the money.
  6. Sold all my long positions. Now tech is slightly overbought.
  7. Tech is down but short term they are still overbought. They will drop more. ADI drop below $30.
  8. Now I am shorting :)