I stand corrected, ET is very useful for trading

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  1. I was just browsing some old threads just for shitz and giggles

    and I spotted a specific edge mentioned incompletely by someone

    so I back tested it just now and guess what, IT WORKS

    so many ways to trade it isn't even funny

    the ironic thing is that you already have to know a lot in order to realize what is worth testing and what isn't

    so to a noob, ET is still useless I guess
  2. Surdo


    As are most of your rants here!

    If you pan for gold here, you can find a nugget every once in a while in between the dung piles.
  3. And, of course, you're going to keep it to yourself.

    Ask yourself why you bothered to start this thread. What pleasure did you arrive from it?

    How many aliases do you have so far?
  4. my pleasure is my own sir

    work and back test to find your OWN pleasure

    this is a solitary game
  5. this part is true
  6. so how much money have you made from it?
  7. nothing today is Sunday

    just found it today on ET,
  8. clacy


    What is it about ET that attracts all of the narcassitic, attention seeking crackpots, like the OP?

    There are probably far fewer tha it appears however, since most of these jackasses go through screen names every three months or so.
  9. don't hate the player

    hate the game

    I guess you would LOVE to think that no one does better than you

    trades with ease

    without stress

    has multiple strategies available

    well don't hate me I worked hard :cool:
  10. lol I got 10 bucks that says you still fail. There's no 100% edge on this site or anywhere for that matter.

    Finding an edge is only half the game.......

    Do you daytrade?
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