I spoke with a Marine yesterday who just got back from Iraq...

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  1. I had the privilege yesterday of listening to a Marine who just got back from Iraq.

    I wish everyone could get a chance to speak with those who are risking their lives following the orders of our Commander in Chief.

    If you are pro war, I think you become even more gung ho that we are doing the right thing in Iraq after listening to a young man like the Marine I spoke with.

    If you are anti war, you become even more anti war thinking that such a wonderful young kid like this may die in battle for the wrong reasons.

    There is so much I could repeat, but two things stand out.

    He said "No one really understands what it is like over there, how complicated it is."

    He also said "I hope some day the people of Iraq appreciate what we are trying to do for them."

    It was a very emotional experience for me to say the least. Very sincere kid. All I did was listen, ask a few questions, and thank him for what he had done.

    While I don't support the war because I think it is not the right course of action to have taken, it is impossible not to completely support our troops.

    When you are complaining today about what a tough day it was, how you "battled" the markets, think about these young men and women, and feel blessed to be an American and not have their burden on your shoulders.
  2. Hear hear.
  3. did you cry a river :(
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    My son was over there with the 101st from the beginning until October.

    It's a rough place to be even if there wasn't a war.
  5. We must support our brave young men and women of armed forces.

    HEROES, everyone one of them, in my eyes!
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    Go Screaming Eagles!

    P.S. My dad was in the 101st. He'd never even been ON a plane before he jumped out of one.
  7. Stupid young men and women, no doubt... stupid enuf to put their lives on the line for the oil-greed of the most IQ-deficient prez to have ever graced the White House...

    These fucwits should all come back, and work in MacDonalds or somethin' ...
  8. I guess that you are not planning to run for any office in this country any time soon...
  9. they have more BALLS than you'll ever have you YOU POS FREAK OF NATURE!!
  10. http://csmonitor.com/2004/0416/p01s01-usmi.html
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