I Solved The Horse Betting Problems.

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  1. i picked the winner for the kentucky derby and the belmont using a trading system designed for the stock market.

    amazing all about fading the emotions of the public and their opinion. i convert the odds to percentages and then work from there.

  2. Two races could be luck. Have you tested on any other races yet? I am a horse racing fan so this interests me.
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    Wait a minute - "public emotion and opinion" may produce betting odds that are not congruent with the true probability of winning for each horse, but it would have nothing to do with picking the winner. That is, the winner horse will win regardless of whether the odds on him is 1:1 or 100:1. .... either you aren't being very clear about what you think you did, or you are bullshitting

  4. you can pick your nose and flick the booger at the track program and pick winners too based on where it lands.

    who are you kidding.


    I get it . I see your m.o. system seller.

    Ok, I call your bluff, tell us about this system, (you dont have to reveal anything proprietary), just enough to see if it makes any sense.

    Oh, and I've probably forgotten more about horse racing than you know, but don't let that scare ya.

    PS I'll give you a hint. converting the odds to percentages is about as impressive as saying I convert US stock prices to Euros and work from there.
  5. yes i have won now for about 6 months enuff where i have a guy who does nothing but bet races now. it is actually as good as trading for me.

    now i want look for other areas to exploit this small edge. m
  6. wtf is your problem. two races is a trend, a pattern and an excuse to sell a system.

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    I remember a friend of mine's dad when I was a teenager. He had a system for the ponies, then after awhile the bookies were using his house :eek:

    I'm not saying your system will turn on you but I'm just saying.......
  8. Go to the Hong Kong Jockey Club and match wits with the computerized systems that interface with them from around the world on a daily baisis.

    Then get back to me. PM if you wish.

  9. oh to think mark brown might be scared of a failure of a horse better?

    i know nothing about horse racing and will bet in a heads up i will win more money than you in two nights with a starting capital of 1000.

    you wanted clues read my dare, delta = 1000. why do i need two nights? duh. maybe your knowledge of ponies is why your terrible at betting them. just like most peoples market knowledge is why they lose. m

    btw its good most people can't learn anything new cause their brain is already so full of smarts..
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