I so excited! Got walthers trading system for $1600

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Ring of Truth, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. I never been soo excited in life! I gave walther my credit card and he only took $1600, and he told me his trading system. I cant wait to make money tommorow!

    I wish to share the information as it was ET that lead me to Holy grail. walthers pivots say the Dow will rise tommorow, sometime between 9:50 and 10:20am. Oh boy, I gonna make a money.
  2. Be thankful...$1,600 is pretty cheap for the 'Holy Grail' :D

  3. ROT-

    I'd like to offer my therapy services and charge you only 50% of that fee right after the 10:20am hour has elapsed and you've lost
    at least that much money...

    Hell, I'll even donate the funds I receive from you to some charity or Children's fund just like the pros do!

    You know what they say.....

    when you see the RING.... you die.


  4. Tea


    Its not a ring, its a coin that you toss before you trade.

    I have got one that I have rubbed against my Paul Tudor Jones video (for added value). I can let you have it for half of what Walther (tampa?) charges.

  5. If you mean that it is cheap to get you cured of the Holy Grail dreams, then you are probably right. I know of more expensive cures...:D
  6. Who the hell is walther? is that even a name?
    I know there is a walter bressert, but he's only got another set of indicators like kwikpop
  7. Is this a joke or are you serious? Buddy, save your money and teach yourself to trade your own niche. This guy just took you. If Walter really had the Holy Grail, do you think he would share it with everybody?

    Good luck to you. Keep us posted.:)
  10. You had this system for 3 years now. Is it working? I think 3 years is enough time to try it out.
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