I Smell Fear

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by PhiliC, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. PhiliC


    The trading bottom is so close -- that's why Im buying. As you know, the toughest time to buy is when things look their worst. DJ is already off 1000 pts. I'm sticking w/ the best GE, BA, JPM -- stuff like that, but I've also been buying GS. GS is actually holding strong and going down reluctantly the past 3 days w/ the general market concensus. These hedge fund bone-heads are really in trouble this time. The big problems are the credit markets not high quality stocks.

    Now in the alternative, if Im wrong, these bozos cause a crash! Remember a lot of these hedge fund guys don't have much experience or trading savy. They are clearly facing forced redemptions, margin issues,they're panicking, and don't know how they're going to pay their oversized mortgages the next 15 years.

    Another clue is that the Bond futures really aren't going up the way they should in this environment. The bond future traders (me included) are just waiting for the Bond market to retreat sharply. I've been scalping the short side the past few days using a market maker mentality (sssh don't tell anyone). Gold isn't doing squat either. The dollar has reversed a little but this is probably a good time to start shorting the dollar/long euro again in small pieces. The hedgie counterparts in Europe ( who are just as dopey as their American brethern) are unwinding their short $ positions to convert back into euros to liquidate their stock positions.

    Stock traders -- stick with quality and you'll be taking the hedgies money -- Lampert included. Now tell me what kind of idiot would merge Seras w/ Kmart? Either he's a complete moron or the next Einstien (and I doubt that very much).

    Peace and Good Luck.