I smell a reversal day 12/1/03

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Silvain Garnea, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. My French nose, fresh from smelling some fine French toast this morning, now smells a reversal to the downside today!

    adieu, mon ami!

    S&P @ 1067 when this posted.
  2. Check again...

    BTW, my last name is the same as town that is 13k outside of Paris and I dont smell any reverse :D ..then again WTF do I know
  3. acrary


    Hope not...I'm long today.
  4. I agree that SP is overextended but I would wait till 15:00 to get short.
    What do you basing your prediction on ?
  5. Pabst


    Welcome back!!!!!:)

  6. Just curious. Does a reversal have a fishy smell?
  7. Ebo


    Smells like a high priced French Puta!
  8. dbphoenix


    That's "putain" (in the spirit of the multi-lingual sophistication for which ET is famous).
  9. thanks, it's not for long, and don't take my guesses like my other guesses. whats it take to get kicked off this place?
  10. pspr


    Guess wrong twice and your outa here! :D
    #10     Dec 1, 2003