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    Who knew how similar Romney and Paul were in ideas? This just goes to show how much the media has lied about Romney's ideas.

    My results

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    92% Ron Paul
    90% Gary Johnson
    90% Mitt Romney
    54% Hussein Obama

    82% Republican
    72% Libertarian
    59% Dem
    58% Green

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  4. That just shows how little you understand the questions. No way should you and Obama/Paul be that close.
  5. I understand the questions just fine.If you dont understand my support of Pual go back and read the numerous posts I have made on cutting military industrial complex spending,my opposition to The US being the world police,my opposition to the patriot act,TSA ,my opposition to wars unless the US is attacked,drugs should be legalized ,my oppisition to gun control etc

    There is no way Paul and Romney are close.Romney supported both wars,Paul is against them.Romney wants to increase defense spending,Paul wants to cut it.Romney wanted to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan longer,Paul always wanted immediate pull out.Romney will go to war with Iran over Isreal,Paul will not .Romney wants the US to continue being the world police,Paul dosnt etc

    When it comes to foreign policy and military spending Obama is closer to Paul then Romney is.Just shows how little you know about Paul,Obama and Romney
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    You only agree with 64% of Odumbo's positions yet you never pass up a chance to belaud him as if he's some sort of God? That doesn't compute.
  9. Truth is most people do not know why they support Obama or Romney. They just vote for their party. I bet though when faced with the issues themselves, a lot of people would agree with Ron Paul on a lot issues. The media is to blame for this, as they distort Dr. Paul's positions.
  10. All you know about Romney is what you read on moveon.org or hear on network news.

    Just shows how little you understand the issues and who believes what.

    As much as you love Obama it should be much higher for him. That just shows how little you even know about him.
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