I should have listened, IB is indeed a joke.

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    I read every review on IB before I opened an account with them but just ignored the bad customer service reviews. Big mistake. I recently received a confusing email from them that I needed my security card activated by a certain date or it will be activated automatically. I didn't understand this so I called the customer service guy and he said I needed my security card or I wouldn't be able to log into my account. What???? What security card? He said "the card we mailed to you on 'so and so' date".

    Well I didn't receive any card in the mail so I asked him what I needed to do so that I wouldn't be blocked out of my account. He assurred me that it would arrive shortly and there shouldn't be any problem. Well, you know what happens next. I try to log into my account tonight and without that card(which never arrived) I am blocked out of my account. I tried to call customer service and the customer service is closed until tomorrow morning.

    I have never been blocked out of an account before with no way of reaching anybody to discuss it. This is an absolute must imo. This is absolute BS and I am going to close my account. I have 2 open Forex positions and I just hope everything remains calm in that arena until morning. What a joke.
  2. You should be able to get through to Customer Service on Chat (the HK office is definitely open).

    They can enable your account for a period without the device. They can even set it to run with no device (although I think its good account protection). It sounds like your one is lost in the mail and they need to send you a new one though.
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    The security cards have been around for a while now. A little inconvenient but better than having your account emptied by a hacker.

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    Thanks for the replies. I don't even know my account number because I can't log on to get it. I hope they can help me.
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    Nope, you can't send a chat unless you log into your account mgmt. I can't log in without my access card. Any other ideas?
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Last year IB decided to freeze my account for over 2 weeks as I attempted to resolve it every day. What you are going through is was brutal to finally sort it out - it is unethical and immoral on IB's behalf in my opinion.

    You need to insist on a immediate resolution with them and ask for a management contact. Keep records of all your communications with them as you will likely need it as proof down the road should something more serious occur. The problem is, none of the front line staff you will speak with want to be held responsible for anything.

    My most sincere and best wishes towards your resolve.

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    Call them up tomorrow when they are open and ask them to close your account. No point in trading with a broker that is a joke.

  8. So the deadline arrived and you did nothing to protect yourself?

    You waited until you were locked out?

    Yes. Yes indeed.

    I'm seriously thinking these incidents are actually a form of IQ test, to rid IB of problem traders before they hurt themselves.
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    This coming from the dumbest guy on this entire board.
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