I Should Have Done This A Long Time Ago.

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  1. Let me start off by saying that ET is an excellent site and I give it the respect that it deserves for having been around for a number of years.

    Having said that, as a pure Forex Trader, starting out in a retail account and now trading through on an institutional platform, I often times wonder how long it would have taken me, had I found a supporting environment for learning, growing and developing trading skills that was solely focuses on Forex.

    The sites that are out there, dedicated to Forex, don't really place any emphasis on learning, growing and developing. I've often wondered if I should create such a site over the years, but was too busy developing my own trading prototype to get involved.

    I'm currently working with an MQL developer in a Private project, but I've created a site for the Public to discuss Forex exclusively, without interference and without derailing the focus. The site is now and always will be free and is dedicated to Research and Learning, so it is not a commercial site for Forex products, services and certainly not for Donational indicators.

    Come join the Public conversation strictly about Forex at: ***Spamming violation: Removed by Baron

    Be the CFx pioneers! We welcome wise old Forex traders, as well as Newbies. But, we welcome Fx knowledge, skill and a heart for helping others become successful traders even more. :)
  2. ET has a forex forum and you can start a new thread anytime you want (as you just did) what the hell more do you want?

    So just what is this knowledge you want to share?

    I'm here, you're here, let's hear it.

    Or do I have to go to your special site so no discussion will be polluted by bond traders?

    How many screen names and passwords do I need?

    otherwise why don't you take your chit chat over to the other site, we try to keep this one open for a serious discussion of forex trading.
  3. OT,

    stop taking your grumpy pills, geritol , viagra et al. and give the lad a chance.

    bitchin' and moanin'

    who gives a crap where he wants to reside in the cloud.

    bond trading is like watching paint dry.


  4. I've tried the link every which way I can...won't work.
  5. TY oldtime, I tend to agree with you. Why a guest would want to draw away other guests here in ET to another forum is beyond me...Why?

    Let's develop ET to be a very well populated Forex Forum too!


  6. I removed the period at the end and made it a link, now you can go there. Even-though I think we should develop the currency trading forums in ET... there is nothing commercial about his website and there are no violations of the TOS in ET to post this link.

    Trouble is... after he caves in and puts up advertising banners assuming his website works I will have to come back here and delete this thread. Guests, please complain and make me aware when this happens so I can do it as early as possible. We do not want to abuse our sponsors here with opportunists using ET as a free advertising avenue.

    I like the fact that he mentions there will be no donation indicators ...I am allergic to that ploy.

    But when the traffic starts costing him money...he will cave...you will see. He will advertise...manage other peoples money....etc...

    It takes a lot of work, time and money to manage a website...moderate .... write ...etc. ET is well established and has a good team of fair and neutral moderators and over the years has become #1. There simply is no reason why the EliteTrader sub-forums in currency trading and speculation cannot be well populated and a chosen visiting place for EliteForexTraders.

    Good Trading to all.


    P.S. you see .. the retail side of the Spot Forex Industry is dominated by MT4...The currency forums here in ET now have an expert advisor library (I recently posted some new EA's there) and a place to post. Here in the USA we only have a handful of dealers to choose from where the global residents have hundreds of dealers to choose from. This is simply the state of the industry and those of us that are Spot Forex traders must deal with it and stick together.


  7. Your entire post pretty much sums up why I should have done this a long time ago. It is precisely this kind of post that causes those who truly want to develop their skill, to miss out on opportunities to do so, because those who might be able to help them are constantly typing replies just like the one I am typing to you right now, instead of actually helping others.

    The site was created for those who want to collaborate on all things Fx, without having to deal with posts like yours.
  8. It works perfectly fine.

    Again, it is not for all traders. It was created for only those who desire focused collaboration among themselves about all things Fx, without disruptive annoyances and off-topic banter, typically associated with most online trading communities today.

    It is an Fx research site with two domains: Public and Private. Anyone is welcome in the Public Domain, as long as the topic remain focused on learning, growing and developing Fx trading skills. The Private Domain is where some of my earlier work is being researched and developed into functioning EAs.

    Periodically, we will post equity curve reports in the EA results section of the site, but the Public areas are for serious minded Fx traders and those hoping to become serious minded Fx trader, to get together. Hopefully, the experts will help out the Novice traders. In either event, they will both be able to do so in complete peace and quiet, without worrying about their thread turning into a flame pit.

  9. I think ET does an overall good job of providing a wide range of trading contexts.

    I used to conduct my original research and development online through an email list with 30 people on it years ago - this was before "forums" were popularized. When the list reached 50, it became unmanageable for me, so I gave it up.

    I then began doing my research online in third-party forums, only to have my threads ruined by rude people. So, after a while, I gave that up as it was not worth the constant hassle. I used an old Yahoo Group for a while many years ago, but Yahoo made it incredibly difficult to manage your pages, so I gave that up, too. I then finished my prototype off-line and began trading full time with it, which was the best thing I could have done.

    Now, I'm working with a competent MQL developer with a big brain, who is capable of understanding my ideas with minimal follow-up from me. Together, we formed a private collaborative using email, to take some of my earlier work and develop it using MQL, if and where possible.

    While doing that, I decided that it was time for me to finally go ahead and do what I had originally wanted to do, which was to develop a Public site for people to learn and grow as Fx traders. One that was purely Fx focused and free from negativity, rudeness and poor attitudes - too common on many other Forex Forums today.

    The site's home page says it all. It is an R&D site for Fx. I don't want dead weight in the Public Domains. I want people there who truly want to learn, grow, develop and then give back to a Novice. There is NOT enough of that going on right now in Forex.

    The collaborative is composed of Traders, not Sellers. That's why you won't find requests for making "Donations." That's why there is no "PayPal" link on the site. It was built using a common hosting site, so you will have to deal with their "ADs" until I determine whether or not it makes sense for me to keep the site. At that point, I'll covert the site to a stand-alone domain with no hosting ADs.

    It is not to take anything away from ET. It is a place of focus and solace, which you do not get in most Fx related forums.

    We trade by day and engineer by night. That's who we are and that's what we do. We are full-time in the business of Fx. It is 4:00am my time right now, and I just finished a design specification report for my developer, before I came here to respond to these posts. So, we are in effect, well beyond "full-time" status as traders and designers.

    I want others to have what I never had growing up in the business: a clean sheet place to learn and grow, without being constantly attacked by rude people.
  10. The minute I see one ad or any hint that you are advertising a commercial website..your thread is out of here...I will deal with it according to the conduct rules here...sorry. Do not ask me to explain "commercial"...you know what I mean.

    Stop using ET to post your logo too...please..... ok? ET is not your wall to hang your logo on or to advertise your site. We understand you have a forum in your opening post and thats enough. And please do not open up numerous threads here in ET to advertise your site with.

    Nice video on your website by the way...I just finished watching it...all of it...quite intriguing


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