I should be supporting Allen. Instead, I'm leaving the party.

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  1. I left when they started spending like mad several years ago. So much for small gov. I'm a full on Indie now, voting person, not party.
  2. It seems the ranks of common-sense and moderation are growing. :)
  3. Nah, the rats are leaving the sinking ship. He did not seem to have a problem when they were smearing John McCain, Al Gore, Max Cleland, John Kerry...
  4. He didn't have a problem when they were smearing Allen for three months straight. I can't see how quoting what a guy wrote in a book is "smearing" him either. It's right there in black and white, unlike the thrity year old recollections that magically surfaced about Allen. The claim in the email this guy supposedly received that it suggested that Webb was a pedophile doesn't make much sense , but there is no way any normal person could read the passages and not wonder about what is inside Webb's head.

    The article itself is incredibly stupid. This guy goes on about how much he admires the troops, then he wants to put the party of Kerry, Kennedy, Pat Leahy and Hillary Clinton in charge. Doesn't make much sense to me. All because he supposedly received an anonymous email that he gratuitously credits to the Allen campaign.
  5. AAAintheBeltway:

    Wake-up man. Even hard-core conservatives are realizing reality.

    Besides, why would you want to defend a total putz?
  6. Oh my god, oh my god, these bad mean democrats may once again turn the military into what it was during the Clinton years, the kind of military that brought down the Milosevic regime without losing a single soldier, the kind of military that managed to occupy Afghanistan within a few short weeks, also with virtually no losses.

    We can't let that happen to our military again!!!
  7. Oh, yeah. Bush has sure treated the military well. What a joke. He has entangled in a stupid and unnecesarry conflict that is doing great damage to our country in many ways and is certainly hurting the military. He has misused the military and more and more top brass (retired, of course) are saying this.

    Nice try. Now go back to work on Rove's fundament.

  8. BSAM


    The Republican party is in the worst shape I've seen it in my lifetime. (Of course, I'm only 10, but.....) Republicans seem to have become Democrats. Democrats = Republicans / Republicans = Democrats.

    There's an old joke: What's the difference between a Democrat and a bucket of shit?
    A: The bucket.

    There's a new joke: What's the difference between a Republican and a bucket of shit?
    A: The bucket.
  9. Bush is not running. We are talking about the congress. Democrats have a long track record of underfunding the military and using it for social engineering. Anyway, we can argue these points indefinitely.

    The fact is that the vast majority of the people in the military are republicans and despise the democrat agenda. If someone has all this love and admiration for those in the military, as this guy who wrote this article claims to, why would he want to put them under a democrat congress?
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