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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Cutten


    Some long-term picks I think could do well:


    With wheat it's near a long-term resistance level so I am cautious for now on the grains, but think the long-term prospects are bullish.

    I am also bullish on the Shanghai Composite, but that's more of a trade as eventually I think the bubble will burst.

    I don't have that many short side picks for the long-term:


    Assets which I think have good medium-term short side potential are:

    XHB (still - but rebound likely in the near-term, I would sell on rallies)
    Emerging markets (again, sell after a rally, not right now)
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  3. dinoman


    I see dead people one being Stock_turder. That is in reference to account wise only.
  4. Cut..
    I like them too...just not now...wait for a washout in the entire CRB and GSCI come early September, then load the boat at the end of the month...
    Think we'll see grains move higher next week, and maybe early in Sep, but then you should prolly sell the shit out of them...We did plant the biggest corn crop in history this year...
    Demand ain't that big...