I see some sign of life in IYR

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. More resistance in down days and trying move up. Still volatile though. I believe it might be a good investment for 6 month time frame. Any thought? Agree? Disagree?
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    lower lows, lower highs - don;t fight the trend, my friend! You shoud be looking at SRS not IYR.
  3. The housing slump is just getting started. Economic weakness will last through 2014. Thats if we're lucky...
  4. Thanks for your input.

    Would you buy SRS or short IYR if you believe real estate is in down trend? How is the dividend in SRS? Do you pay dividend if you are long SRS? and you get dividend if you short SRS?
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    I'm not your research monkey, dude. Peck at the keyboard for a while and figure it out for yourself.

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    As you can see from nearly a year ago I was talking about SRS and saying IYT was overbought. SRS skyrocketed to 150+ a share, now trading around 108-110. Forget IYR, go long SRS on any dips, I think its back to 125+ soon. Real Estate has a long ways to go before it finds a bottom.


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    IYR is overbought...Would wait for 88-90 to buy.

    I would be buying SRS rigt now at $66.

    Proshare ULTRA SHORT realestate index ETF
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    Exactly right, expect another 10-15% drop in housing prices over the next 12 months.
  8. IYR vs. SRS in the last month. IYR has outperformed and that is why I see some life in that sector. I know that in the last 6 months SRS has outperformed but not in the last month.