I see much tape painting and fraud

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock777, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. hmmmmm, wonder what billion dollar hedge fund(s) are at work
  2. I see dead people...
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    yet another worthless thread
  4. Its worthless because you are clueless

    I only mention these things for the record, knowing full well that 99.9999% of you are hopeless.
  5. Tape painting and fraud are so common why even start a thread? I thought it was understood :D

  6. lol, yeah, u probably right
  7. To expand on this thought: Painting the tape on August 2nd??? Seriously...at least wait to suggest such meaningless things until year-end/quarter-end/month-end.



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    Man I don't care about tape painting and fraud. Those are the excuses used by a poor trader. However I am none too excited by the action today.

    I'm falling asleep! Making money but falling asleep. Bring back last week damnit.
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  10. As I said, 99.9999999% of you totally clueless

    And I'm not about to wise you up
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