I see a sharp 100 point drop on the

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  1. dow before a multi-week rebound to 52 week highs.

    anyone else agree?

    Looks like we're forming a decending triangle which began this morning. When it completes the dow will be at 13600 which is where it was before the big breakout two thursdays ago.
  2. are you serious? or should i just call you shirley!

    You of all people should not be talking techinical patterns and such after dishing out to michael scott for TA.

    Your a buy and hold guy.
  3. Shirley Temple you mean ? :D :p
  4. I'm not gonna trade on it

    Just pointing out what seems obvious based on my limited charting skills

    It's been a tough few weeks for longs. Most longs (my self included) were confident that large 200+ point breakout a few weeks ago would launch the dow firmly above 14,000 and beyond, but it appears we've reversed. CNBC no longer shows the orange DOW 14,000 alerts.

    A lot of people bought on that breakout who are now in the red.
  5. was just making sure you were not abandoning your priciples and becoming a trader. :D
  6. I flipped 40K+ of AMZN yesterday for a nice profit so I do trade, but I also study charts and I couldnt help pointing this out because it seemed so obvious.
  7. You've never traded 40 thousand shares in your life...much less 40,000 AMZN yesterday.
  8. I think he means $40k worth of AMZN. Still, money is money.
  9. lol.... thats the second posting i have read from you that has made me lmao
  10. Still kinda pissed about that failed breakout. Dow goes up 200+ points and then poof gone after nine trading days. I demand reparations for this selloff. It was completely unfair and unanticipated.
    CNBC probably hastended the selloff by constantly displaying that stupid orange dow allert. Fast money with dickhead ratigan didn't help either.

    Note to CNBC: NEXT TIME DOW CROSSES 14000 SHUT THE **** UP. Stop jinxing it. When will mad money be cancelled? I can harldy wait till the day CNBC cans it or Cramer drops dead in the middle of a tirade.
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