I saw this Ford GT the other day...

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  1. is it worth a damn :eek:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. only 500 horses! :( :eek:
  4. The GT40 was one of the all time great sports racing cars. I give Ford a lot of credit for bringing it back. Forget owning one, I would love to just see one.

  5. i saw one in a walmart parking lot of all places about three days ago i couldn't believe it but was white and lettered "Ford GT" ...but they arent for sale till '05 are they?

    maybe one of the 'waltons' were visiting :)
  6. 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans winners,

    1st Place - Car #2 Ford MKII Gurney/Foyt

    1967 winners,

    1st Place - Car #1 Ford MKIV McLaren/Amon

    1968 winners,

    1st Place - Car #9 Ford GT 40 Rodriguez/Bianchi

    1969 winners,

    1st Place - Car #6 Ford GT 40 Oliver/Ickx

    This was an impressive 4 year run for the Ford Motor Company's racing efforts as they beat the best in one of the toughest races in the world.
  7. the one i saw was street legal and parked at walmart.

    are they for sale yet??
  8. look in the dupont registry, they have people you can conact and test out vehicles before the are on sale to the general public.
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    That's gotta be awesome having that supercharged DOHC aluminum V8 right where the rear passengers usually are. Think of the balance. I have a Camaro which gets the weight nearer the center of the car by moving the driver back, and reducing the space for rear passengers and kramming the engine right up to the firewall. I've been rebuilding the suspension with really stiff components and the more I do with it the more fun my commute is, pretty puny compared to a rear engined car I'm sure. I've had the GT40 as a screensaver for months, it's my reason for trading!!
    Haven't seen any skid pad tests on the GT40, supposed to be out in 2005.
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