I saw the truth on ET, there is value here,

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by space, Apr 21, 2009.

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    I couldn't believe my eyes some guy on ET wrote the truest thing I ever saw

    something like this

    "notice how very rarely people talk about health care packages and trader taxes"

    goes to show you how so few on ET have a clue and stand a chance in this business
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    and you guys give each other advices, beyond funny

    its like a headless torso leading other headless torsos :p
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    The guy shows up on ET and yells SELL THE DOLLAR

    what kind of edge is that, FED is printing money and that means sell the dollar

    so .............what are you gonna do, bet the farm and lose it, gamble it

    or put in little money and make 5 k if it works

    IS THAT HOW YOU PEOPLE PLAN TO achieve financial freedom ?????????????????????????????
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    another guy shows up and says, Which strategy would you want to master

    and I look over the list he wrote, NOWHERE does it mention day trading

    I thought ET had day traders ???????
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    but the best thread so far, is when some guy writes how he has 100 k and asks about trading

    and people on ET advise him to NOT trade because he is ALREADY RICH

    come on guys, that is bad, bad mojo to be thinking of 100 k as money

    come on guys :mad:
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    when a new guy comes on ET and asks questions about trading stocks or futures

    people compete to tell him, Stay away from futures they are ZERO SUM

    they are bad

    they are evil

    they are efficient

    and I keep wondering how am I managing to pull 2-3 points of ES every single day, when its soooooo bloody efficient :confused: :confused:
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    frankly, I blame the North American education system, my travels through EU proved to me that they are better informed, too bad most of them are socialist bastards :D
  8. ..or when some dude shows up randomly on the forums with 7 posts, 6 of which are him ranting to himself?
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    do you have to be so predictable, stick to trading issue at hand
  10. You broke the chain! :(
    Would have been funny to see him rambling on with not one response.
    Lesson learnt for future trolls I hope.
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