I Request The Following Thread Be Removed!

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by MarkCohen, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. Dear Magna,

    I posted the following in the feedback section, but maybe I should have posted it here.

    The following thread is against the guidelines of Elite Trader user agreement, and as a member, I request that it will be removed IMMEDIATELY!


    The guy who started the thread is not obeying the "Advertisements are strictly prohibited. You warrant that you will not solicit our members through your posts." rules set in the user agreement.

    Now that def was banned for his "service" to the community, I feel that the poster of the thread in question is directly soliciting members. That is far worse than providing support.

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Magna

    Magna Administrator


    Thank you for your post. The link you provided went to a "Page not found", but since you started a duplicate thread in the Feedback forum (with a link that works) I was able to go to the thread in question. Please understand that Hitman's WorldCo thread is not going to be removed, as all the IB threads with Def's posts are not going to be removed. Hitman understands the change in Baron's position with regard to blatant solicitation, and any further posts along those lines will be modified or removed. I monitor all threads in the Professional Firms forum on a daily basis.
  3. Hey Mark...get over it. I know you've been a member of E.T. for a whole month already, but he's been around a little bit longer... and plus he's pretty entertaining to read. So if you don't want to be subjected to this flagrant "solicitation of readers" on E.T. just send me an email and we can get you all signed up to trade with my firm,,,haha,,,,,later all... :D
    B.T.W. I think I finally got Opening Orders up and running, it's gone well so far. Thanks all for your input.
  4. Yeah, don't ban Hitman's thread... is is a cool dude with a neat hairstyle, a beautiful princess and a humorous writing style!

    God Bless Hitman!
  5. ron2368


    Well, I will stick up for Mark in principal. I dont want the thread removed but I remember the day that the thread was started and I was amazed to see it stay for more than a day since it was such blatant spam.

    If you cant draw a distinction detween that type of post and the type of posting in the IB threads then youre in denial. I have never seen any blatant or subtile spam in those IB threads. IB is very popular with the users here and like it of not it will be discussed. Part of that is also that IB's tech sup is poor and it easier to get the info here. So I understand the websites concern on that area. If you want to pick hairs about what is tech support and what is helpful prompt advice to traders then have a ball. I see most IB stuff focus on general q/a and policy issues , not on " hey could you check on this trade for me" type of support.

    Anyway I am outta here, but Mark you do have a point, and I thought the same to myself, but i guess if the spam is entertaining the rules dont apply.

  6. "Please sir hitman has been advertising i saw him do it tell him off"

    MarkCohen are you still in 4th grade:D