I refuse to observe Daylight Savings Time

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Nov 7, 2010.

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    I'm not falling back, I'm not springing forward.

    The government can stick DST in its collective ear.

    Being a rancher I like having some light at the end of my workday to get a few things done outside so I'm just going to stay on regular time.

    If I have an appointment I don't make a big fuss I just schedule for when its convenient on my time, that is, I don't show up late or early. I don't mind a little darkness in the morning.
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    I never cared for the time changes either.
  3. Where is your ranch ?
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    I own a rocky butte about 1-hour from downtown LA.

    Six acres with two houses, a barn, some corrals and a few outbuildings about 300-ft above the desert floor. Got a nice view of the Sierras, Tehachapis, San Gabriel and San Bernadino mountians.

    The main house is a landmark and is known as the "glass house" or the "lake house". They used to film Gunsmoke up here and also way back when they filmed the Gene Autrey show here.

    Its a strange twist but I ended up owning the real Ponderosa. :)

    I'm proud of it and hope I don't have to go live in some collective to work for the State to provide for others. Its the concept of private property that makes America great.

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    Thanks. I type alot of snarky comments from here:

  7. Very nice.