I recon the smartest person on ET is Baron

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  1. OK now that I paid you a compliment

    you complement me on something :D

    Sorry, I was bored :D
  2. Well, it certainly isnt you Illuminated One, since you dont seem to know the meaning of "recon".

    Maybe you meant "I reckon the smartest person....."

    I would suggest re-reading your posts before you send them, that way you can catch making really dumb errors like this :D
  3. well well well

    Did you know that its not isnt but isn't

    or did you know that its not dont but don't

    back at ya :D
  4. pretty lame retort since you compared apples to oranges but I guess I can't expect much from you.

    Try googling the words "recon" and "reckon" and you will have learned something new :D

  5. maybe you are good at spelling but you as sure as hell have a job

    while I am a trader

    take that into your pipe and smoke it BUD :D
  6. Actually, I did have a job a few years back, I ran my own semi-small business. Ended up selling it for 2.35 mil net for myself. I have a nice chunk of change saved up and have been trading for 1.5 years now, the last 4 months have been profitable.
  7. hey nice listen I am only 700 k heavy

    you might be more........I said might


    if I were you, I would really figure out trading, and I can help you

    lets say, you are making some money and lets say you are up 30 %

    no lets make it 60% up so far in this year

    now this sounds pretty good to you right

    but actually, that is bullshit many "experts" will try to sell you

    here is what is possible, and its up to you to figure out how.

    Doing 100% return day trading single futures instrument in 3 months is possible

    my daddy left me nothing, I turned 7.5 k into 700 k

    this is why I walk around like I got a foot long pipe. :D

    and all I needed to know is that it can be done, and all without Indicators,

    my system puts SCT to huge shame
    (mainly because SCT don't work the way it is packaged)

    OK I gotta take a nap

    its actually beauty sleep,

    but I prefer to call it a nap :D
  8. Thanks but I dont need help trading. I knew I had to pay my dues and just because I had success in other endevours didnt mean I'd start making money trading quickly. I didnt make anything for over a year but that was just fine. I learned a TON.

    I put in my own work, added some components from Spydertraders journal and then added a bit more from my own observation. Viola...my OWN method. In my 4 months of profitability, I've only had 3 down days. I am very confident I have made the breakthrough necessary and will continue to keep at it.
  9. Don't worry. Illumi doesn't have both oars in the water. He had an out of body experience, and his body was too ashamed to let the brain come back in.
  10. LOL good one..........hey I give credit where its due

    the only problem is


    LOL :D
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