I really hate say it, but I think there will be suicides over this

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by stock777, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. hope not.
  2. You're kidding? This is nothing, so far.
  3. _PD_


    Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse 5

    On the eighth day, the forty-year-old hobo said to Billy, "This ain't bad. I can be comfortable anywhere."

    "You can?" said Billy.

    On the ninth day, the hobo died. So it goes. His last words were, "You think this is bad? This ain't bad."
  4. Allen3


    Yeah that seems a bit jumpy and out of line with the numbers. We're just vacillating back and forth a couple percent at a time as we move down. I would think maybe 10-20% all of a sudden would get the guns loaded, but this mostly sucks for people using the never say sell mantra in there IRA/401k's.


  5. I concur
  6. I'm with you, the worst is yet to come...

  7. kxvid


    True dat. Target dow 8500.
  8. LEAPup


    I concur. I don't want to see anyone kill themself over money.

    The worst is far from over. I'm a Retail Broker too. OUCH!

    I just jumped out of my 1st floor window today. Got my suit all dirty, looked like a dummy, etc.,:D
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    They are all getting gummit bailouts and being allowed to keep the $20million bonus. Why kill yourself?
  10. People are getting wiped out everywhere right now.

    Financials were heavily represented in a lot of indexed funds.
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