i really hate my job

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  1. I used to try hard. Figured i'd get more reward, maybe get to work on cooler stuff if not for higher pay.

    But I'm done. Fuck em. I have 1 month left, and then I'm done. Or I'm looking for a new job.

    I need to make it on my own. Hopefully my finances work out and I will be in a much more manageable situation not too long from now.
  2. Don't piss anyone off. You will need the references. Good luck.
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    Dude, don't be an idiot. Don't you know that if you quit, you will not get a job for a very long time in this economy. Plus, if you quit you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits, you fool of a took. Just stick out and deal with it. It's better than the alternative. You have know idea how many people are wanting your job if you quit. Don't want to be mean but, just trying to kick some horse sense in you kid.
  4. If you havent already made it as a trader fulltime, you are an absolute fool to quit your job. Unless you have something GUARENTEED lined up, if you leave your job you'll be fucked.

    Sorry to be a dick, but this is the WORST time to be dumping a job.

  5. On the other hand, Cortez burned his ships.
  6. how much are you being paid? speak in general terms if you dont want to be specific, just curious
  7. $100,000 base, $40,000 was written into the first year contract as a bonus.

    I'm really losing my patience where I work.
  8. If it's any consolation, there are many (and I mean a great many) who would love to have that kind of pay. I don't know what you do, but do you think you can hang in there and bear with it for the time being? Find a way to make it more bearable if you can.
  9. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. I live a really terrible life with illness and mental problems. The money basically keeps me flat. I earn nothing. Well, I won't quit -- at the very worst, get fired, so I collect unemployment. I'm eligible for welfare because of various disorders I have if I apply. It's just that I have a job, so I don't bother with welfare.

    I'm just really getting ticked with middle management. They weren't there before, now they're very much a pain, and half my energy is wasted dealing with them.

    I'm been holding it in, but I am really burning with anger at some of these people. Particularly because I don't find them to be that competent, and it's killing even the quality of my work. I have no allies in this job. I don't know how to fight this situation.
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    Generally if you have no allies at all, and if you find <b>every single person</b> in management to be an idiot <i>the problem is with you</i>, not with them.
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