I ran Microsfot Security Essentials scan

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  1. and found a keylogger :eek: :eek: and like 8 other trojans.

    The other piece of crap programs like malwarebytes and spybot
    didn't detect this.

    Also, MSE scanned like 800,000 files where the other programs
    would scan about 150,000 files.

    So I would say give MSE a shot.
  2. I agree. I also run it with Avast and the 2 do pretty well at protecting and co-existing together.
  3. each Sunday Evening I get the scan...and I can surf questionable websites no problem...it blocks all that stuff now...

  4. how do you guys catch all this shit?
  5. Pron sites?
  6. I used to suffer so much like many of you with crappy scanners and crappy everything.

    Until I decided to take responsibility for my security. Comodo firewall is all you need but you do have to become a mini expert at it. After that nothing can hack you because Comodo asks to verify every single access.

    If you want security you have to take on healthy paranoia. There is no other way,
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    FW are important pieces of a security infrastructure but they are not enough.
    They will not block trojans for instance since these days even the most basic trojan uses HTTP tunneling.
    Besides threats can come from the inside (compromised LAN or WLAN, infected usb stick or cd...)

  8. Assumption is made obviously that PC or server you are starting with is clean. Assumption is made that user knows how to turn off Java features and other addons when they are not in use.

    Assumption is made that user can handle basics like clean your flash cookies and don't use Win internet explorer, watch your connection for unexplained data transfers.

    Watch your registry for what's added and where. I did mention becoming a mini expert did I not.
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    Is this mse the same thing as windows liveonecare scan?
    Same virus definitions?
  10. 99% of protection is between your ears.

    thus, most of you are in deep shit
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